Friday, August 20, 2010

Snoop's Been Real Busy

Snoop Has Been Keeping HimSelf Very Busy lately and us VERY entertained. From running his weekly online quiz-giveaway the "Priority Question Of The Week" where participants who anwser the question correctly in time can win classic material from Priority Artist like EPMD, Eazy E, Master P & others. To His Twitter Page where he uses Video Tweets to send shouts to his celebrity friends & anwser questions. Last Night He was involved in the Publicity for The New Online game "Mafia Wars" by showing up to the desert to blow up a armored truck in the "The Mafia Wars Dipose Of The Evidence Event" He showed up to the event just a little late(wonder why lol) but once he was there got straight to buisness and lit that truck up like it was a ... well you know. Of Course he tweeted right before and after the explosion and even posted two pictures  of before & after. Tommorw he's going to be at the Rock The Bells 2010 in Los Angeles where he will be with a long list of other dope artist, but Snoop will be the Headliner and will perform his classic "DoggyStyle" Album in it's entirety & will have the WHOLE Dogg Pound Crew alongside him. Earlier today he tweeted a picture of him Kurupt & Lady of Rage on stage rehearsing. Can't Wait till RTB hits NYC, Will You Be There?

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