Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fly People You Should Know- Taz Arnold

Taz Arnold is Definitely someone you NEED to get to know.If you don't already know who The Produder/Fashion Designer/Guru is let me give you a quick lesson. Taz or T.I.S.A as he's sometimes called is one third of a trio of producers out of L.A. Named Sa-Ra  Creative Partners who are signed to Kanye's G.O.O.D Music. He's also the Leader of T.I.$.A VI$ION A Movement in Art ,Fashion & Music which includes a Fashion line made of vintage & 90's clothes, bags & accessories. Like 90's Starter Jackets & Hats with the T.I.$.A Logo stitched on. Taz Explained the meaning of T.I.$.A VI$ION  "Tisa, in Swahili, means "ninth born." And "tesa" in Arabic, means "nine." And in numerology, 9 means completion. Eight is infinity when you turn it on the side, and then 9 is 0 and 1 together, and it means completion in numerology. So TI$a would be a complete vision. TI$A Vision. And it also stands for Taz Is So Arnold. I'm so me! But the collective is called TI$A, and it stands for completion". The self described child of black hippies from South Central L.A. Says his style comes from being raised in the Hood but also hanging out at the beach snorkeling & boogie boarding seeing how the other half lives. Taz doesn't only design for his own clothing line but he has also designed for Luxury Brand M.C.M where he's made their first   Venture into clothing instead of the bags & luggage they're famous for and recently he did a collabo shoe with Fendi. One of his M.C.M  Jackets has already been bootlegged & by a celebrity no less (more on that later). Here's his mission statement from his webstore-brand TI$A.. Moving between realms, designer Taz Arnold touches on life with a distinct sense of elegance and sophistication to become the bearer of a new creative force within the world. The TI$A brand provides an unparalleled experience that has never been seen before, utilizing color with intelligence and great detail to form a unique and innovative approach to style. The brand effortlessly combines mediums of art, design and fashion creating a place where love, global harmony and oneness can be the new vogue. - tAz Enough Said get to know more about Taz & the T.I.$.A VI$ION Movement check out his Twitter @tazarnold

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