Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kanye West's New "POWER"

If You You Watched The 2010 BET Awards This Year then you saw Kayne open the show standing on a mountain with a Huge Eygtian chain hanging from his neck and  a ring made of two big pyramids on his left hand. The chain definetly had everyone talking and wondering where it came from. Leave it to Mr.West to come in with a game changer. Little was known about the chain, but now it's been confirmed that the chain that is an eyptian god named "Horus" and was custom made by famed jeweler to the stars Jacob The Jeweler at cost of $300,000, no word yet on the rings price. Kanye posted this on his blog about the chain :"Horus is one of the oldest and most significant deities in the Ancient Egyptian religion, who was worshipped from at least the late Predynastic period through to Greco-Roman times. Horus served many functions in the Egyptian pantheon, most notably being the god of the Sky, god of War and god of Protection".  So what your opinion Dope or Dumb?

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