Thursday, August 19, 2010

Good Wood NYC -New Bling?

Good Wood NYC has helped provide a conter-movement to the ever present bling of gold, platinum and diamonds in fashion and Hip-Hop culture while not entirely original. Reminiscent of the Black & African medalions of the '80s (Good Wood acknowledges this with their blue Africa pendant) they have taken it far and beyond the Lil trinket your mom bought you for $5 at the Mart 125th in Harlem on a sunny Saturday afternoon. These are real custom pieces of jewelry that can set off any outfit and make you standout. From Pendants to Earrings, Chains & Rings all custom made to your design you provide. So my queston is can this be the "New Bling" or simply a fad that will have the same fate as it's older sibling the Black Medalion? What do you think?

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