Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nike MAG 2011 "Marty McFly's"

There Finally Here!!!! Well Sort Of. These Are The Nike MAGs Aka The Marty Mcfly's The Sneakers Of Legends. All Sneakerheads Have Been Waiting For These Since We First Saw Them Strap Themselves Onto Marty's Feet In Back 2 The Future 2. Since Then There's Been Plenty Of Rumors About Releases, A Few Look A Likes & Even A Couple Homemade Versions But This Is The Real Deal, As Real As It Gets Atleast For Now. These Light Up & Even Come With A Charger To Charge The Batteries The Only Thing Missing Is The Ability To Self-Strap Which From The Auctions Description Will Be Happening In 2015. Tinker(Designer Of All The Best Jordans) Came Back To Make This Replica Of The Original Shoe He Created For The Movie Many Years Ago. These Replicas Were Made To Raise Money For Micheal J Fox's Charity & All Proceeds Will Be Donated There Are Only 1500 Pairs To Go Around Making Them Pretty Limited Also These Are Only Available Through Bid On Ebay To American Customers Although The First Pair Was Snagged At The Back 4 The Future Event By London Rapper Tinie Tempah For A Whopping $38,000 But You Can Get A Pair For Much Cheaper At About $10,000. I Don't Know At $10,000 For A Shoe I'm Not Actually Supposed To Even Wear(Yes It's Recommended That You Do NOT Actually Wear The Shoe) I Think I'll Wait Till 2015 For The Self-Strap Version If It Ever Happens Hey We Waited 22 Years What's 4 More? How About You Are You Copping Ugh I Mean BIDDING On These?

Damn But I Do Imagine Breaking Necks With These On & My BBC Varsity With The Sleeves Pulled Up KILLER!!!!   

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