Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wiz Doesn't Fly So Solo After All.

So Last Week Wiz Khalifa went to Vegas for his birthday "Top Floor Of The Bellagio, Cant Get No Higher" as he tweeted the night he arrived in Vegas. And he might just be right Wiz is Blowing Up & doing his thing like a G should from turning Drake down on an offer to join his tour this summer so he can headline his own Waken Baken tour featuring Yela Wolf to turning the tables on leakers & releasing the offical Black & Yellow song a day after it was leaked without permission & giving the fans or "Taylors" as they are called a gift on his birthday(the " Damn it Feels Good To Be A Taylor" Video). He's also been busy doing clothing collabos with New Era, Cloud kickers Original & Diamond Supply. So I guess that's why my boy's Paper(or Cotton as me & mine call it, since money is made of cotton & not paper) is up & he's shining . He's has had two pieces made of the Zig Zag Man in of Course Black & Yellow Gold & Diamonds showing his love for his City, Bud & the French Rolling Paper. He's also had a iced out Bombay Gin Bottle made after his drink of choice. Seeing as how he now has the Zig Zag Men "Rolling" with him he's not Flying So Solo anymore. TAYLOR GANG OR DIE!!! (just always wanted to write that lol) 

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